Car Rental in Lviv

Often there are situations when you need not just a car for rent, but premium class car. After all, not everyone has the suitable car. In such cases, premium car rental at “LeoCar” will help. For a reasonable price you can get at your disposal a car with a fashionable exterior, as well as impeccable technical characteristics.

Hire a Car at “LeoCar” – means reliability and safety. Premium car rental will give the opportunity to emphasize the importance of the event or to demonstrate their attitude to certain people. In addition, this car will always be the center of attention and will certainly impress anyone. Car rental is more than appropriate for:

  • Wedding;
  • business partner meetings or arrival for negotiations;
  • birthday, anniversary or other party;
  • meetings of the hospital;
  • bachelor party;
  • romantic date.

Car rental is the best solution for any festive event.

Our company offers a huge selection of premium vehicles and a variety of additional services. Here you can:

  • book a car by phone or online
  • pick up and hand over the car at the rental or order the delivery of transport to the right address at the time of your choice;
  • to rent a car with a minimum of documents: passport and driver’s license;
  • get the advice of a competent specialist and help in choosing the right car for your trip;
  • make a non-cash payment or pay in cash;

Premium car rental will please everyone who appreciates luxury, quality and speed.

Car rental for any period

Car rental for any period is a service from the company “LeoCar”, which will solve your issue with transport. We provide car rental of different segments, for any period. Ordering this service from us, you can count on prompt delivery of the car in proper technical condition. We will provide you with a car feed to any place in Lviv.

Most often, people of business are interested in the service of long-term car rental. If you need to organize business trips to different cities of Ukraine, hold a number of business meetings at the same time – Business Class car rental is Your choice. Premium car rental is able to emphasize your solidity in the eyes of partners.


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