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About LeoCar

Leocar is one of the best car rental services in Lviv. Our young team of professionals wants to revolutionize the car rental market in Ukraine. We offer only quality and safe cars that have passed all types of technical inspections for rent.

We still have the most favorable rental conditions in Lviv. Now you do not have to worry about an excessive deposit on your credit card, you can pay for car rental services in any way convenient for you – cash, transfer, or Visa / MasterCard.

Unpleasant surprises about replacing the car at the last minute will also pass you by: you will get exactly the car you chose on the site. For additional security, we conclude a car rental agreement: it is transparent and does not include hidden fees, you pay only for the ordered services. We do everything for the comfort of our customers. Satisfied customers are the backbone of our business.

Car rental in Lviv

If you do not need your own car, then renting a car will be a great solution. Especially when there is a sudden need to go on business or to another city. We have been providing car rental services in Lviv since 2017, and in our fleet, there are more than 30 cars of various types. The cost of rent per day starts from 16 euros.

To use the car rental service, you only need:

  • have a category B driver’s license;
  • driving experience from 3 years;
  • age from 21 years.

We provide cars for rent for a short term and on a long-term basis. By the way, if you rent a car for a period that costs more than 150 euros, we will deliver the car to any convenient place for free.

How to choose a rental car

You can choose any car available on our website for a period of 1 day. We guarantee that you will receive exactly the car you have chosen.

What to look for when choosing a car for rent?

  1. Are you going to a business meeting or for tourist purposes? For business meetings, we recommend choosing business class cars, and for tourist purposes in our fleet are seven-seater crossovers.
  2. The size of the car. In the city, it is convenient to use small compact cars, and when traveling – large, spacious cars.
  3. Prices, additional services, insurance. We have the best car rental prices in the Lviv market. We also provide several additional services such as renting a navigator, ski trunk, etc. The rental price includes basic insurance.

Our benefits

Favorable prices

The cost of renting a car from Leocar is the best among all the companies on the market.

Free booking

You can book any car without advance and hidden fees. Just select a car and send us your booking details.


The rental price includes basic insurance. We also take an additional deposit (deposit) – only 400 euros, with the possibility to leave the entire amount in cash. Interestingly, most European rental services require a deposit of 900 euros and block this amount on your card.

Payment in any convenient way

We can pay for car rental both by transfer and in cash or by bank card.


We do not replace your car at the last minute. You will receive exactly the car you have chosen on our website. In addition, the car will be clean and with a full tank of fuel.

Registration in 5 minutes

Making a rental takes no more than 5 minutes. We just need to sign a car rental agreement and that’s it.


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