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Car rental in Lviv: quality service of Leocar

The car is a necessity in 2021. However, what if the car is not needed? In such cases, car rental in Lviv will come in handy. The market of car rental presentations of several companies and the cheapest car rental in Lviv – in the company Leocar.

We provide quality car rental service both in Ukraine and abroad. Car rental has several advantages:

Round-the-clock driver support

We are in touch with you 24/7 during the entire rental period of the car and quickly solve all the problems that find you when renting a car in Lviv and throughout Ukraine.

Additional equipment for cars

If necessary, we will provide you with the necessary equipment for the trip: a child seat, navigator, ski trunk, or bicycle mount.

The second driver

If necessary, you can drive the car you rented by another driver without any additional charges and additional documents. It is only important that he has a driver’s license and the necessary driving experience.

Terms of car rental in Lviv 

You can rent a car in Lviv cheaply at Leocar. We rent a car for 1 day (24 hours) and on long-term. If you are looking for a car rental in Lviv for a few days, we are happy to offer you many options for cars for your users: in our car class SUV and business with automatic and manual transmission for travel of a large company or in business.

If necessary, you can rent a car from us for 1 day, if the example of your car in the service station or the need for your own car is not. We provide cheap car rental services in Lviv.

Place of supply of cars in Lviv 

Arrived in Lviv and are looking for a car rental? Choose from our cars and we deliver the car to any convenient location.

The best way we can provide cars to the airport or train station will allow you to sit down and, accordingly, go about their business without having to first get to our office. You can also specify any other place convenient for you for car suppliers (hotel, restaurant, shopping center, etc.).

For those customers who book a car worth more than 150 euros – car delivery is absolutely free.

Why use a rental car?

The cost of renting a car includes many points. In particular:

– Mileage 300 km / day;

– Round-the-clock driver support;

– Driving another driver – free;

– Full fuel tank;

And also – basic insurance. Basic insurance provides for your liability for the cost of the car. If you buy the “Additional Security” option, the deductible in the amount of the application is limited for your liability, and when you purchase the “Additional Security +” options, 0 deductible is valid.

 You must return the car to a new condition: cleanliness for the convenience of fixing the condition of the car for the absence of harmful and with a full tank of fuel. You can learn more about the terms of car rental in the Search Terms section.

Low prices for our customers 

We decided, among other optimal prices for car rental in Lviv. However, cheap car rental in Lviv can be found only in Leocar. Added car rental starts from 16 euros for a car Skoda Citigo or Volkswagen Up. At the rental price, we always offer all the necessary data and basic insurance. You do not need to pay anything extra. You can also use additional services:

  • Delivery or return of machines during non-working hours;
  • Delivery or return of the car in another city;
  • Car delivery in the city;
  • Personal driver;
  • Car wash;
  • Travel abroad;
  • Additional accessories (navigator, child seat, beach trunk, etc.)

How to order a car rental in Lviv?

You can order a car for rent on the LeoCar website. To do this, you need to take some simple steps:

  1. Select a car in the catalog and book it. Car booking is made without advance payment. You need to fill in the booking form and/or write or call us.
  2. Send us a photo of your passport and driver’s license.
  3. Enter into a contract for car rental and payment of the amount for the entire rental period + the amount of the deposit.
  4. Select the vehicle at the data point, answering in advance.


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