Peugeot 308

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From 24 Per day

Deposit: 400 

Day based pricing :
1 - 2 days : 45  37 
3 - 7 days : 40  35 
8 - 14 days : 35  30 
15 - 31 days : 30  24 
32 - 69 days : 24  19 
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Why if to rent a car choose Leocar?

If you need a car Peugeot 308 – then you’ve come to the right place! Here you can

rent a reliable and economical hatchback at the best price.


We have created the largest possible range of offers for our customers.

Each of our customers can rent a car, which will be the most comfortable for him

and easy to use. We will not impose on you the available options if

the selected model is missing – we will achieve the most acceptable variant for you. We always try to create comfortable rental conditions for our clients.


Take advantage of using our services and make sure that car rental is profitable and



Peugeot 308 rental means:

  • Comfort;
  • Freedom of movement;
  • Time saving.


 Why rent a car?

There are many reasons why you may need a rental

car. Someone has a habit of moving around the city only on their own

car, someone wants to pave their own route. Car rental is

the question of not only convenience, but also prestige. With the services of our company, you can book Peugeot 308 in advance for the date you need.


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