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Car rental in Lviv

Leocar is a young team of professionals who want to change the conditions of the car rental market in Ukraine. We offer only high-quality and safe cars, which are passing all kinds of technical inspections before the rental. The best rental conditions in Lviv, and only well-maintained cars. Now you no longer have to worry about high deposits, credit card withdrawals — You can pay in a convenient way for you. Unpleasant surprises with the car replacement at the last moment — now it is also in the past. The car rental agreement is transparent and does not contain hidden fees, you pay only for the services that you have ordered. We are trying to do everything for the comfort of our customers. A satisfied customer is the main credo of our business.

Rent a car in Lviv LeoCar: cheap car rental service!

Hire a car from LeoCar — travel in comfort!!

Can’t imagine your life without traveling? Business meetings, conferences or business trips to other cities — an integral part of your everyday life? Forget about all the inconveniences of public transport, schedules and transfers, because now car rental in Lviv has become even more accessible. Hiring a car – ideal for travel, meeting friends and business partners, or a joint holiday with colleagues. If you value comfort and your time, renting a car for a few days or months will be the right solution to solve many transport problems. Moreover, a personal car is no longer a luxury, but a comfortable means of transportation.

Need a car for a while?

There was a need to solve the transport issue for the delegation of guests or make individual employees mobile? Then affordable and reliable car rental service is already in Lviv. LeoCar — is Your service! Here you will get a car rental to choose from and this selection of cars is very large.

We have one of the most affordable prices for car rental in Lviv, combined with high-quality, truly European service. Reputation is the most precious thing we have, so every customer is special for us.

Over the years, we have implemented optimal algorithms to provide car rental, so that the customer does not overpay any extra penny. Our car park is quite significant and constantly updated with new models-the client has plenty to choose from.

Rent a Car in Lviv

Lviv has always been distinguished by increased attention from tourists. This city has always been the Western capital of Ukraine and to this day maintains the status of cultural and tourist capital. Lviv is not just a Western tourist center, it is a Western Ukrainian transport hub through which tourists arrive traveling throughout Ukraine.

Car rental services in Lviv are popular among tourists, foreigners, and also among the local people.

The need in car rental arises for several reasons:

  • To visit historical and cultural places of Western Ukraine;
  • If you have left Ukraine for a long period of time, but decided to visit your relatives and come to stay in the country for a few days or months;
  • Business trip to the Western regions of the country;
  • Ski tourism;
  • You are a native resident of the city and your car broke down.

All of the above can be solved by the car rental.

Why rent a car in Lviv, order it on our website Leocar.com.ua?

Car rental in Lviv, it is better to book in “LeoCar” because:

  • We have a large auto park – so You have plenty to choose from, from low prices to excellent quality business cars;
  • One of the best prices for car rental in Ukraine and Lviv;
  • Fast booking; fast car getting;
  • Insurance is already included in the rental price;
  • The car is equipped with tires according to the season.

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