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We have one of the most available prices of car renting in Lviv. Our services are of high quality because of experience on european market. Repuition – most important thing, that we have, and that’s why every customer for us is special.

Along several years of work we introduced optimal algorithms of car renting,  and so the customer doesn’t overpay the loan. Our car park is enough affordable to meet any customer needs.


Rent a car in Lviv

We provide car rental in Lviv and other cities of Western Ukraine. You can rent a car by phone or through an online booking form by choosing a city for rent.

Do you need your own car today? The question is increasingly asked by car owners and those who still do not have their own vehicle. Fifteen years ago, almost all men dreamed of a nice car. Many believed that the presence of a luxury car significantly increases the social status in the eyes of others.

At the moment, practical people have come to the conclusion: car rental may well rescue at the right moment, if there is such a need.

What are the advantages of car rental without driver?

It is clear that getting a car for rent is worth a certain amount of money, like any other service that you are looking for. However, every person who at least once used the services of our company, was able to assess the benefits of cooperation, in particular:

  • There is no need to spend their own money on the purchase of a modern car, the cost of which is high enough;
  • No need to buy a garage, which also allows you to save money;
  • Renting a car without a driver in our company is possible at any time. The car can be taken as for day, so and for several days, when there is a need for frequent or long journeys in the city or outside it;
  • It is convenient to rent a car if you come to another city for a long period of time to solve personal or business issues.

Conditions of car rental in the company Leocar.com.ua

Car Rental in Lviv does not present any difficulty.

Are you 21 years old? Do you have a driving experience of at least 2 years?
Then you can safely apply to the managers of our company and order a car. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the minimum period for which money will have to be paid is not less than 48 hours.

The car is delivered to the designated place with a full tank. Mandatory condition – return it with the same amount of fuel. In the technical condition of the machine there is no doubt: it is checked before it is provided for use by the customer. There are situations when the rental period of the car should be prolonged. To do this, simply notify the company’s manager in for hand.

Why to choose car rental in Leocar?

Did you need a car to meet guests from the airport or quickly solve work problems? Or maybe you’re going with a family in an exciting journey? Contact us and we will render a car for rent without a driver.

  • The cost of the service will be exactly as much as indicated in the price list.
  • Option to choose a specific car.
  • The amount of advance payment for a car without a driver is minimal – no more than 20% of service’s price.
  • Each client is provided with an individual approach and a respectful attitude.

ant to know what quality service is? Then we are waiting for you!
We will rent a car in Lviv on the most favorable terms!

Our advantages

Great car park

You have opportunity to choose from basic models to excellent business class models

Affordable price

Some of the best prices for car rental in Ukraine and Lviv

Quick registration

The process takes a minimum of time

Auto insured

Insurance is included in the rental price

Regular maintenance

Before each rental, the car is undergoing a technical inspection


On the LeoCar website you can rent a car for 1 and more days at a reasonable price.A wide assortment, proven cars and 24H support will provide you with a comfortable car rental in Lviv.

Car Rental in Lviv and traveling by the city. You will encounter certain problems with parking through the narrow streets of the city. Our recommendation is to park cars in small intermediate streets at specially designated places or at cheap, affordable parking lots, where parking meters are installed.

How to act in case of an accident. 1. Turn on the alarm lights. 2. Report traffic accident to the traffic police (102). 3. If there are victims: a. Call "ambulance" (103) b Before the arrival of the "ambulance" crew, provide help to the victims. 4. Immediately inform the employee of our rental company about the accident in any convenient way (call to phone number, telegtam, viber, whatsup). 5. If it wasn’t possible to contact the representative of LeoCar, please inform the insurance company about the accident (contact details are in the car's box). 6. Try to get from another participant / participants the form of the accident notification - Euro Protocol and fill it. 7.If it is not possible to fill out a form-Europrotocol or get a copy of it, write down the number(s) and brand(es) of cars (or trailers) - participants of an accident. 8. Do not sign documents, the meaning of which you do not understand! 9. It is recommended to take photos of the accident place, vehicles - participants of the accident, their damage, as well as the policy of another participant in the accident. 10. Get a traffic police document confirming the accident.

In order to rent / return a car during off-hours, it is necessary to arrange this with our company manager in for hand. The cost of receiving / returning a car at off-hours is 10 €.

The cost includes basic casco insurance and civil auto insurance This means that you are responsible for auto within the deposit. Please note that in case of steering the car under the influence of alcohol / drug intoxication, driving by a person who was not specified in the contract or in case of violation of rental terms, the client bears full responsibility for the car, within its market value.

Smoking is not allowed in the car.

A rented car can only be used on the territory of Ukraine except Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions

The car is rented for personal use only.

For a lease agreement only the passport of the citizen of Ukraine and the driver's license, which certify the driving experience for at least two years, are required. A person who rents a car must be over 21 years of age.

The company may withdraw funds from the deposit in the following cases: 1) car damage 2) car return with incomplete tank 3) loss of keys or documents 4) untimely return of the car 5) usage of additional services 6) dirty / soaked salon of the auto. 7) The mileage limit exceeding 300 km / day is exceeded

So, when using a car rental limit is 300 km / day, it is calculated at the end of the lease term. The cost of each next kilometer mileage is 0.1 €. It is possible to buy an unlimitted mileage for only 15€/day


Недавно приїжджав до Львова по роботі. Брав тут машинку Пежо 308, все було файно, машина була помита і заправлена. Я дома свою так машину детально не мию. Короче довольний, рекомендую.

Я дуже люблю тестувати нові машинки, тому у відрядженнях ніколи не відмовляю собі у задоволенні взяти на прокат та протестувати нову машинку. Цього разу вибір впав на маленький міський хетчбек Вольксваген Ап. Авто ззовні виглядає малесеньким, яке ж було моє здивування, коли я із своїм зростом 1. 91 м. спокійно помістився за кермом цього красунчика. Волькс дійсно здивував. Такий тандем динамічності в міському потоці, економічності та легкості у паркуванні я ще не зустрічав. Ідеальний варіант для мегаполіса, вже задумуюсь над покупкою чогось схожого для своєї дружини.

Брала в оренду машину в Leocar на вікенд – задоволена дуже. Машина доглянута,справна,без прихованих ньюансів+є додаткові речі типу ганчірки для протирання скла,ароматизатор, салфетки сухі/вологі і т.д. дрібниці,але приємно. Дуже зручно,що договір оформляється на місці протягом 10хв. Також приємно вражена сервісом-машину доставляють в потрібне місце і ВЧАСНО! І це все за нижчими цінами,ніж в конкурентів. На майбутнє буду користуватись їхніми послугами і рекомендую іншим.

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